A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

* 4th. Dec. v0.1 release Add enemy ai, cycle the turns.

* v0.2 todo: support multiple players, fix all enemy AI bugs, release full game.

In The Far Future...

Human has acknowledged tech of interstellar traveling, but it is a dark time for the human empire. Autonomous regions are rising, the centralized power is collapsing. 

On a bleak planet, some robot pioneers detected large sources of crystals which can be widely used on empire's industry. But there are also indigenous clans already living  on the planet who also uses the crystals for their spiritual ceremonies, and are able to boost their strength, vision and speed. A pioneer ship as landed on this planet, and a conflict between robots and the clans is inevitable.


X-Com like gameplay. Procgen map. Turn based sci-fi strategy game.


  • left click to choose a player / skill / tile
  • right click to cancel an action
  • click on enemies to shoot


  • move
  • shoot
  • collect (both from crystalized mountains and dead robots)
  • pray (to enable mobility again)

Not Finished (yet...)

  • more playable characters, like, I at least already have medic, snipper and grenadier in my mind, with each has a special skill and skill tree.
  • more enemies, of course!
  • destructible tiles
  • fog of war
  • progress the game like X-Com in a meta game


SauvagePlanet_win.v0.1.2.zip 18 MB
SauvagePlanet.v0.1.2.zip 21 MB

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